What to do if you get Locked out of your Car while on Vacation in West Palm Beach

locked out of car at West Palm Beach, FL

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The warm ocean air of West Palm Beach brings millions of visitors and tourists each year and you’re one of them.  You planned this trip to the last iota.  Starting a year earlier you strategically planned out your trip.  When the time came you bought your airline tickets, booked your hotel, rented your car, bought tickets to fun activities to do, and made dinner reservations at the hottest West Palm Beach hotels.  Everything is going smoothly – the flight was pleasant, getting your rental car was a breeze, and checking into your hotel was easy.  So what do you do?  Of course, you head to the beach!  After a few hours swimming and tanning it’s time to get back to the hotel, change your clothes and hit the best steak house, West Palm Beach, Florida has to offer, but as you feel around you pockets, look in your shoes, and your wife is asking, “Where are the car keys?” You start to panic and when you head to the car you see them in the ignition and all the doors are locked.  What do you do?

How to Easy Fix It

If you rented your car the easiest solution would be to call the car rental company.  Many tourists that rent cars are not aware that most if not all car rental companies will fix this issue quickly and free of charge.  If they have a set of spare keys they will send an employee to you, but if they do not they will call a car locksmith to pop the lock for you (usually this is someone or a company the car rental place has partnered with, so a little more trust).

west palm beach automotive locksmith

What if you didn’t rent a car? What if you drove down to Florida?  What do we do?  You need to hire an automotive locksmith.  Here are tips on how this is done.

  1. Hire a West Palm Beach Locksmith

The obvious answer to hiring a West Palm Beach, FL locksmith is location, location, location.  Since you’ve been locked out of your car, you most likely would deem this an emergency situation, and if you got locked out in a seedy area or after dark you would want that locksmith getting to you as fast as possible.  If you hire a local locksmith is licensed and insured in West Palm Beach, you know they’re covered.  If you hire someone outside the area, you’re just asking for trouble.

  • Hire a Licensed and Certified West Palm Beach Locksmith

Look for a locksmith who has certification from ALOA – Associated Locksmiths of America.  These certifications are only given to locksmiths who have a surpassing knowledge of locks and unlocking.  To give an example of why this important – would you go to a doctor that didn’t have a degree or license – he just said he was a doctor.  Would you trust that?  Florida does not require a locksmith to have a license (Boo), but if you find a locksmith that went out of their way to get licensed (when it wasn’t necessary), you found a keeper.

  • Go with a Family owned, West Palm Beach Car Locksmith

It’s good to support small, family-owned businesses, but this is not the point of this tip.  If you go with a big corporate company, they might send someone out of the area, so it could take longer, they might not be insured for the area, but a family owned locksmith tend to put a more special touch on the situation.  They tend to care more that you got locked out, your stuck till they help you, and they appear to be friendlier.

  • Check online reviews

Reviews can be faked, but more and more review sites are going to verified customers – so check there first like the BBB.  Not to be a Debbie-Downer but I also check the bad reviews – not to wallow in someone else’s misery – but to see how bad was the situation.  If it didn’t seem that bad or if I get the reviewer is someone who is never satisfied, I wouldn’t let it sway me in my decision to hire the West Palm Beach, FL locksmith,

  • Check for Insurance

If you hired a local West Palm Beach automotive locksmith, there website usually has their certifications and if they’re insured.  Before they start unlocking your car, you can ask to see their insurance before they start.  They should always have it on them.

These five tips should give you a pleasant and affordable locksmith experience with any West Palm Beach, FL locksmith, however there are a lot of scams out there too.  Here is a short list on what to look out for so that you don’t get scammed.

  • When you call if they give a generic answer such as locksmith service rather than an actual business name – run away.  This is a company that is either selling leads or worse, operating under several different names.
  • If the locksmith arrives in a personal vehicle or unmarked van this should throw up some red flags.  All credible locksmith have trucks or vans with logos, phone numbers, license #’s, etc.
  • If the locksmith is unfamiliar with the area of West Palm Beach you got locked out of.  I would personally hang the phone up rather than giving them any more information.  If they’re not familiar with a tourist spot, they most likely are not a local West Palm Beach locksmith.
  • All locksmiths in West Palm Beach, FL should ask for your identification, if they do not, they are not a credible locksmith.  Why do they ask for your ID?  Some people have malicious intent and call locksmiths to break into people’s cars or homes, asking for ID is a major deterrent for this criminal behavior.
  • Last but not least, especially for you is PRICE.  A good, Car Locksmith West Palm Beach will always have a written estimate with cost and services done given to the customer before any work is done.  If you’re not provided an estimate, highly consider calling a different locksmith.

There you have it.  This shows you exactly what to do if you get locked out of your car during your vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Enjoy the rest of your vacation.