Should I audition at a talent search at the local hotel?


The answer to this question will be an absolute YES.


Acting is your passion, your dream job is being on the big screen, you go over different scenarios in your head on the daily basis about how you’re going to be famous.


With that being said, you must take every opportunity that is given for you to prove yourself as to why you deserve it. Make your talent known whether its at a talent search at the local hotel or if it’s a bunch of knuckle heads testing your skills at the local grocery store. There are millions who miss their shot everyday because of the opportunities they didn’t take; many people often believe that certain opportunities is just too small and isn’t worth the risk of failing.


There is no such thing as a small opportunity, all it takes is that itty-bitty shot to shoot you to the top with the rest of the stars. Do not view this opportunity as “some audition at the local hotel”, view it as a showcase for you to show the world your abilities. You can’t be discovered if no one knows your name.  Acting agents can’t find you if you don’t audition.

You know your talent, your friends know your talent, your family knows your talent, and so does the mirror. Now, It’s time to show the world. Many actresses and actors who has went on to be some of the biggest names in the show biz, they will probably give you countless of instances where they have failed prior and during their careers. They will tell you how they were discovered in small bars, on the corner, or even at a talent show. It’s never the failure that we regret later in life, it will always be the opportunities that we didn’t take.