How to do Basement Remodeling in a Colorado Hotel

Colorado Hotel Basement Remodeling



Do you know it is possible to transform an otherwise dull and boring basement into a new masterpiece? Basement remodeling in Colorado changes it to a place where your guests can spend extra time for either entertainment or relaxation. A little creativity could bring all the transformation.

You may also want to remodel your basement because it quickly and adds space to your hotel, costs a lot less than purchasing a larger hotel, you will not be required to move, and it has more than 70% return on investment.
Here are ways in which you can do basement remodeling in a Colorado Hotel.

• A beautiful extension of your hotel. 

You can have additional space for your guests, which is particularly important during festive seasons where hotels receive a considerable number of guests.

colorado hotel bar

• A bar

You can remodel the basement to resemble your hotel. You can make a place with a different atmosphere and interiors to that of the hotel.

A Colorado Hotel Wine Cellar

• A wine cellar 

Basement remodeling Colorado can result in making your basement a wine cellar when your extensive wine collection. This could also serve as a private wine tasting room. Create a perfect storage room for preserving your wine selection at the ideal room temperature, with easy access for you to choose the bottles for your guests.

Awesome Bowling Alley in Colorado Hotel

• A bowling alley

You can transform the basement to an e bowling alley with kitschy designs touches; include vintage bowling shoes, backlit bawling balls, and bowling pin lamps. It can also feature a dance floor decorated with vibrant colors, lounge, and a bar.

a relaxing spa in a colorado hotel

• A spa

Basement remodeling will change your basement to a premium spa including bath amenities and installations, creating an array of a luxurious getaway for your guests.

a movie theater in a hotel

• A cinema

The basement is an ideal spot for a cinema because it is quiet. You can make the basement serve as a movie theater, surround it with sound speakers and include extra storage for better viewing.

colorado hotel gym

• A gym

The basement is a perfect spot for a gym. You can set it up in the cellar; depending on the size, and you can also include several workout machines, a shower room, and a sauna.

• Walkout basement

This is different because its foundation is not entirely submerged underground. This feature favors hotels that are built on a hillside or sloping lot. This means that only a section of the basement is submerged underground. Basement remodeling in Colorado will involve exposing one side of it to build a door and windows facing the exterior. The beauty of this is that you will be able to access the basement from the outside and creates a room for more natural light into the room.

Steps on how to do basement remodeling for a Colorado hotel

• Hiring a trustworthy contractor 

If you are not remodeling the basement on your own ensure you hire a reliable Colorado contractor. You can contact the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for a list of the qualified members of talk to a building inspector. Once you narrow down prospects, it is important to call and schedule for a one-on-one meeting so that you can get to agree better.

• Making a plan and getting the permits 

With the help of a contractor draw up the plans of the hotel basement and submit them to the local building inspections department. Ensure they are to scale, including the measurements for everything. electrical plans as well for approval.

• Eliminating moisture 

A moist basement can pose a costly and problematic issue. It is essential that you take waterproof your basement before embarking on the remodeling.

• Electrical, framing, plumbing, and insulation

Avoid installing light fixtures that are hanging low to offer your basement with more space.

• Drywall and ceiling

It is essential to dry your basement’s wall ceiling; having a suspended ceiling is more comfortable to maintain to give space for electrical systems and plumbing.

• Basement baseboards, flooring and doors

Inspect the exterior and interior walls and floors before the remodeling looking out for water leakages.
What to look out for on a remodeling contract

• Project description 

A contact on the basement remodeling Colorado should include a detailed story of the project including all the materials, product and work that will go into the project. This is inclusive of the things that will be demolished and what will be built.

• Payments details 

Apart from the total cost, a remodeling contract should include the mode and duration intervals of payments based on the project milestone.

• Lien waivers 

Ensure that your contract includes a requirement of the contractor to provide a lien waiver for each installment before paying the next one. This means that the invoice for each payment requires a signature indicating that the contractor used the previous chapter to pay for materials and labor as outlined in the invoice.

• Estimate project dates 

Discuss the estimated start and end dates and include them in the contract. This is not to hold him to an exact date but to create an understanding on when work will commence and when it is likely to be completed putting on hold major plan changes and weather interruptions.

• Changes procedure

The contract should outline that no changes to the original plan can start without the contractor giving a thorough description of the new work, the cost and its effect on the schedule. All changes should be done in writing by pen and ink, text or email.


Signatures from both parties are what makes a contract a legal binding document. Let it include both of your addresses and the contractor’s license number. this will improve your basement remodeling the spaces that left may create indecent gaps that may not be decorated.


The above details on how to do basement remodeling in Colorado will help you in the process of making your basement a valuable space. This is because I will accommodate and attract more guests, making it a worthwhile investment. You can never go wrong with an additional space in your hotel giving room for extra entertainment which many guests look for.