What is Dustless Floor Removal in Fayetteville, Arkansas and Why is it Beneficial to Hotels?

dustless floor removal in Fayetteville, Arkansas

So you’re planning to change the floor of your hotel in Fayetteville! Maybe, the floor has sustained major damages beyond repairs. Perhaps, you intend to enhance your overall hotel decor with a pleasing new floor. No matter your intention, stripping of the existing floor is the starting point in changing the flooring. While you can opt for a conventional removal technique, dustless floor removal is a highly recommended option these days. Here’s how the modern process goes on and why it’s beneficial to choose this new technique. 

What is dustless floor removal?

It’s a process of stripping of the old flooring of any hotel in an Eco-friendly manner. The process reduces the amount of dust particles from dispersing in the atmosphere. When stripping of the current floor, vacuuming equipment is attached with the removal tool. The vacuuming tool captures the dust and ensures minimum dispersion of dirt and debris into the environment. 

This modern process safeguards the health of the Arkansas hotel owner, children, pets, and the surrounding area from harmful elements and dust particles. One particular dust that’s worth mentioning in this respect is crystalline silica. It’s serious and can cause cancer. 

Dustless floor removal process

The dustless procedure in any Fayetteville hotel uses methods and tools that can eliminate dust and other harmful substances in a hassle-free and safe manner. The equipment used in the process hammers, chips, grinds, and removes the floor and the underlying mortar efficiently. 

During the process, the harmful dust, which happens to be the waste of the removal procedure, is collected in vacuum attachments. The whole process is carried out quietly and in a controlled manner to deliver a cleaner, dust-free place. You could also make meals and snacks when the procedure is going on. 

Is dustless floor removal ideal for your place in Fayetteville, Arkansas ?

Well, the answer is – YES. The method works for all sorts of places. Also, it could strip of any kind of flooring without any issue. Whether you’ve a traditional floor or modern flooring, the dust-free removal procedure can help you change the floor efficiently in your hotel. 

Fayetteville hotel owners mostly prefer this method for many reasons. Firstly, they would like to protect their guest and pets from harmful dust. Also, this cutting-edge method is perfect for anyone who’s allergic to dust or prone to lung problems. 

Besides hotel owners, commercial setups such as health care facilities and restaurants opt for this process for cleanliness, sanitation benefits. Also, the modern technique safeguards the health of those present at the place from possible dangers during the removal process. This is why hospitals, residents as well as eateries choose this modern process. 

Why dust-free floor removal is beneficial?


The conventional floor removal process eats up a lot of time in Arkansas. Your daily life could be hit to a great extent. This is even more correct if you’ve a bigger floor area. You could be forced to book a hotel for a few days until the procedure is over. 

However, the dustless floor removal procedure is fast. This innovative process uses sophisticated tools for removing your existing floor. Whether you’ve a small floor or bigger flooring space, you could be sure that your flooring will be stripped off within a day’s time. 

Health safety

If you choose a conventional method for removing your hotel floor in Fayetteville, harmful dust such as crystalline silica might get dispersed everywhere. Exposure to such dust particles can invite serious issues such as lung problems and breathing difficulties. Silicosis, tuberculosis, and asthma are other health dangers that stem from crystalline silica and harmful elements. 

When you choose the dust-free floor removal process, you safeguard yourself as well as your family members from these health hazards. Even the health of the flooring removal contractor and his associates are protected. The reason – the dust-free procedure collects dust and other particles efficiently in vacuum attachments without leaving any room for dust to scatter anywhere. 


Some hotel owners believe that opting for the dustless floor removal procedure in Fayetteville, Arkansas might be out of their budget. Certain folks are of the view that the modern procedure might not be ideal for their place. All such fears are mere myths. 

The truth is anyone can benefit from this procedure without denting his wallet. Most companies provide their services at a reasonable charge. Plus, if you assess the benefits you gain with the cost, you’ll comprehend that the modern procedure is not only cost-effective but also the best option. 

Less labor 

Besides saving money in Fayetteville, the dust-free process relieves you from the hassles of cleaning the flooring after the removal process. If you opt for a conventional method, you’ll have to hire a professional to clear the dust and dirt after stripping of the floor. As well as adding up to your cost, it’ll take up plenty of time to clean the flooring, especially if you have bigger space. The dust-free process, on the other side, saves your time, labor and money by capturing dust during the removal procedure. 

Safeguards the foundation

Stripping of the hotel flooring with the traditional technique weakens the foundation. Plus, it’s likely that the chipping of hammers may damage the sub-floor or concrete slab of the foundation. If this is the case, your house could sustain severe damages when a mild earthquake or storm hits your area. 

The dust-free removal procedure in Arkansas avoids any such likelihood by protecting the hotel foundation as well as the sub-floor. The technique makes use of highly sophisticated tools that don’t harm the foundation or the sub-floor when stripping off the floor. In this way, the strength of the hotel foundation as well as the underlying mortar is preserved. This, in turn, enhances the longevity of your overall structure. 

Bottom line

Dustless floor removal in any Fayetteville, Arkansas hotel is highly beneficial to every person, hotel owner as well as commercial establishments. Safety, affordability, fast, environmental-friendly, etc. are some of the premium perks of dust-free flooring removal. This is why many folks choose this innovative process for changing their floor. If you’re serious about switching to a better flooring option without hurting the environment, contact a reliable floor removal service and savor the varied benefits.