How to do a Hotel Architectural Rendering in California

Hotel 3D Rendering



A good architectural project is the life and soul of any construction. Ever since I was in school, my teachers told me that. Today, I know how important it is to have the best possible pitch when presenting a design. With this in mind, I always try to stay updated with the latest techniques and software, which is why I would like to recommend the usage of architectural renderings. This is not a new method, but thanks to technological improvements, a lot has changed in this architectural field. Lately, hotel owners are demanding more and more architectural rendering of their hotels. If you are into hotel designs, this is the article guide you have been looking for. Stick around to learn how to do architectural renderings California.

What is a hotel architectural rendering?


This is an automation process that has completely revolutionized the way architecture is seen and done. In a few words, it enables an architect to create virtual tours in and around the property that they are designing. Nowadays, a lot of clients ask for the architectural rendering of refurbished hotels. Look at it as a re-launch or a second inauguration!

The best thing about a hotel architectural rendering in California (other than walking virtually walking around the hotel without being there) is that you will experience beforehand a nearly real future result even before the construction is done. Both the owner and the potential customers appreciate this.

Trust me, if you want to really sell your pitch, do a hotel architectural rendering. Most owners will get impressed with virtual walk-throughs. In fact, you should know that many top hotels are using architectural rendering as their top marketing strategy. So, the demand is on the rise. What are you waiting for?

Why do clients need hotel architectural renderings?

Many experts tried to find an explanation for the dramatic increase in the demand of hotel architectural rendering in California, whether in hotels under construction or already established ones. According to them, this is due to a new and more sophisticated way to do marketing. Here is why:

• Right now, over 5 million people watch virtual tours every day. It is a thing! So by having a 3D model of your hotel, imagine how many people you can attract.

• Likewise, websites with virtual walkthroughs tend to receive 48% more bookings than those that don’t have it. I know that this sounds insane, but hotel owners now understand that people want to see exactly what they will be booking.

• It also improves site ranks. As you know, virtual walkthroughs are quite interactive and Google understands this. If a website has an architectural rendering, it will get a better rank in the search engine. Plus, given the fact that people will spend more time on the site, the bounce rate will decrease substantially. This is great because lower bounce rates are like candy to search engines.

• It is an economical marketing investment. Yes, an architectural rendering of a hotel is a one-time investment. Once a hotel owner gets a render, it doesn’t have to be changed until the hotel is repaired or drastically changed. 

Tips to do a great hotel architectural rendering in California

Doing a hotel architectural rendering is not an easy task but it is worth your time. Here you have some great tips to create a great 3D rendering:

1. You have to build your model from scratch: This is a must! Try not to copy elements from other projects. However, in order to achieve this, you need all the necessary design information before you start to render.

2.  Properly use your camera tool: I recommend the use of the camera tool in your software to create your views. These will be much better than if you used a basic three-dimensional image. Architects know that using perspectives views is a great rendering technique. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use less than three colors per shot. And if your image is in black and white, you need to choose the best colors.

3. Use real-life objects: One of the main strengths of an architectural rendering is to populate your working space with real-life objects that you would find on a daily basis like plants, cars and people. All considered this will make your render look lifelike. In fact, I can testify that a lack of a focal element can and will degrade the quality of your render. You don’t need to focus your camera view on these objects, they are just there to catch people’s eyes.

4. Highlight the most representative areas of the hotel: Clients like when you highlight the most frequented areas in their hotels like the reception, the pool, the restaurant and the bar. Make sure that when you construct the render for these places, you display the materials and the decoration desired by your client.

5. Carry out a study of light intensity: This is one of the most important aspects because you really want to deliver the atmosphere desired by the designers. This means that when designing the lighting inside the hotel you have to play with the type of luminaires, lighting outputs and even fireplaces. When drafting the outdoors, you must introduce the street lights. In fact, by creating a perfect combination of outdoor lights, you can really recreate the outdoor perception of the hotel.

6. You need to introduce all the exterior materials: A great hotel architectural rendering in California has to show off the exterior of the hotel. Indeed, the scenery can go a long way into convincing a potential client to book a hotel or not. That is why you must properly manage your materials editor when working on your render. A hotel rendering without any sign of nature is completely boring and useless. Take your time to add bushes, trees, ponds, etc. I know that it can be a tedious task but it is absolutely essential.

7. Don’t forget to run draft renderings: Last but not least, you have to make a habit of running draft renderings. If you are working on a really long project, this is a way of evaluating how well you are doing. If you avoid this, you might have to keep going back to fix elements that you finished months ago.

Final thoughts


It is said that architectural renderings are to architects like words are to writers. Thanks to technology, you now have the architecture tools to visualize the wishes of your clients. This will really impress them. Even though hotel architectural rendering in California are hard to create, it is the best gift that you can give to hotel owners and potential customers. As an artist, you should appreciate that. Wait no more! If you have done a hotel rendering, now is the time to do it!