What to Do If the Hotel You’re Staying at has a Septic Tank Problem





You just landed in a new city and found your hotel. Upon check in, you drop your bags and explore the room. But you notice that the septic tank plumbing is unusable. Great way to start off your vacation, right? This happens sometimes, so be prepared for this situation if you every have to deal with it.

Before you leave your house to stay somewhere else, it is always a good idea to check out the reviews that other travelers have written. Check travel booking sites and other review sites such as Yelp. Are there septic tank plumbing complaints? Sanitary issues? Consider choosing a different hotel with a higher rating.

But, sometimes you still find yourself with a problem. Talk to the front desk or even better the hotel manager. Usually, there is a number or button on the telephone in the room to talk to the receptionist. By talking to the front desk first, perhaps they can facilitate a quick solution like moving you to a different room or help you find a different place to stay with a refund. Explain the situation and ask for options. Make sure to take note of the conversation, the employee’s name you are talking to, and the details of the incident to have a complete report if needed later.

Report unsanitary or offensive conditions to the hotel headquarters if you are staying at a hotel chain. Large hotel companies have an office you can call or email, listed on their website, to report a specific problem that needs to be addressed. Corporations want to hear about anything that will drive customers away, and reporting an unsatisfactory experience will help them improve their business.

Other steps you can take to make sure the proper actions are taken to fix the situation include contacting the local health department and contacting the Better Business Bureau to report the incident, especially if the hotel management did not appropriately address the septic tank plumbing problem.

Lastly, write reviews on travel websites or blogs to warn others about your encounter. Include what steps you took to improve the situation, such as if you talked to the manager and if the manager was helpful or not. Provide descriptions and remember to list the specific location of the hotel you stayed at, especially if the hotel belongs to a chain. Certain locations of a chain might have better service than others. Review how your situation was handled. Were you satisfied in the end? Was the staff rude? Provide detail to ensure that readers are able to understand the incident. On occasion, the hotel might even respond to your comment, depending on the website and on the hotel.

Running in to a septic tank plumbing problem while on vacation is never a sign of a good time. However, certain steps can be taken to solve the problem or report the problem so that you can hopefully enjoy the rest of your stay without having to worry about that awful smell coming from the latrine.