Why Have A Golf Vacation at the Innisbrook Golf Resort

innisbrook golf resort


Golfing at the Innisbrook Golf Resort can only be described as amazing! Here, you get to play in 4 world-class championship courses. The resort was featured as one of the best in the state by GOLF DIGEST 2018 issue. Here, you can play among the champions of the sport. Not only does Innisbrook Golf Resort provide an excellent location for you to enjoy some golfing, it also hosts a PGA TOUR championship in March of every
year. Here is more about the innisbrook golf resort.

Unparalleled golfing

The courses at Innisbrook are designed by the imaginative and highly creative Lawrence Packard. As a matter of fact, he designed the Copperhead course. The world’s best players congregate here every March when the PGA TOUR comes to Innisbrook. Here, they play the Valspar Championship.

As a guest at Innisbrook, you have a chance to play on the greens and lawns that the best players in the world enjoy. These courses provide up to 70 feet of change in elevation. From each course, you can enjoy amazing views of the Florida grass knolls. Out of the courses available to you, one stands out above the rest.

The Copperhead Golf Course

This is one of the most beautiful golf courses on the planet. PGA TOUR professionals routinely tee off on the Copperhead Golf Course. For this reason, it is the most recognizable course at the Innisbrook Golf Resort. The course is defined by green rolling terrain and fairways that are lined by pine trees. With more than 7,200 yards of space, the Copperhead Course is challenging even for the strongest players.

Players on this course are astonished by its beauty as well as the abundance of flora and fauna around it. It is ensconced in lakes, ponds and gardens. They are home to alligators, fox squirrels, blue herons and bald eagles. While golfing on the Copperhead, you can enjoy the sport in a most beautiful, natural environment.

Leisure activities


There’s an abundance of activities that you can enjoy at Innisbrook Golf Resort. The hallmarks of the resort are the 4 championship golf courses. In addition to these, you can play some tennis on 11 perfectly maintained clay courts. 7 of them are lit to facilitate playing at night. There are tailor made clinic programs provided at the Tennis Center. They deliver instruction, knowledge and guidance for players of various levels ranging from beginners to professionals.


There are also 6 swimming pools for you to frolic in. Out of these, the most outstanding of them all is the Loch Ness Monster Pool. It is perfectly designed for family fun thanks to its set of water slides. These amazing, fun facilities make the Innisbrook Golf Resort perfect for family fun.

Family Activities

The family fun does not end in the water. There are family craft activities that everyone can enjoy. They include Sandy Candy, Ceramic Painting, Build-A-Buddies and Tye Dye T-Shirts. Others include water volleyball, scavenger hunts, kickball, soccer and the Corn Hole tournament. All members of the family can enjoy these activities for between $3 and $20. You can also rent out some cruiser and children’s bikes here.


In case you get hungry, the resort has 6 dining spots distributed evenly throughout the innisbrook golf resort. They serve Floribbean delicacies such as Cuban sandwiches, Paella, Lechon and Tostones among others . You can also enjoy cuisine from all over the world served with astute decorum with a healthy dose of Southern Hospitality.

Team building

The Innisbrook Golf Resort also provides a fabulous spot for team building activities. There are open spaces, props and facilities that are specially designed for this. They are excellent locations for you and your team to engage in challenges and games for the purpose of building strong relationships. The space amounts to 900 acres of rolling grass that you can transform into a professional playground.

Yoga classes

Health and wellness are always at the forefront at the Innisbrook Golf Resort. For this purpose, there are dedicated yoga classes. Here, the whole family can enjoy practicing the asanas which bring spiritual and physical fulfillment. They are provided at the Spa Terrace on every Saturday from 8.30am to 9.30am.

These classes attract a cost of $15.00 per class. Guests, golf club members and locals can attend the classes and have a great time. As a matter of fact, you can even call the spa and arrange to reserve a space. Walk-in visits are most welcomed too!

Golf training

Do you want to learn how to play golf or simply want to perfect your form? Well, you’re in luck! At the Innisbrook Golf Resort, you can participate in specialized golf lessons and training. There are both male and female golfing instructors. They provide back to basics guidelines, golfing philosophies, mechanics and techniques. Here, you can learn how to transition from the short game to the full swing!


At the end of a vibrant day, you can wind down at the Salamander Spa. Here, you can enjoy facials, massages, hair styling, manicures pedicures and much more. There are a total of 12 treatment rooms available for you. The spa staff is highly trained and motivated to provide you with the best experience. Here, you can let your hair down and get in touch with your inner self!

Great news for residents of the Sunshine State! If you live in Florida, you can enjoy reduced rates. Residents can gain access to the various facilities and services provided in the resort at 10% off! Best of all, these rates are facilitated throughout the year!

Dress code

While at the innisbrook golf resort, there is a specific dress code.


All men should wear shorts or slacks. They should not be denim jeans or swimming gear. You should also wear a shirt at all times. It should have sleeves and must be tucked in. The course does not allow muscle shirts, cutoffs or tank-top shirts. However, you can wear turtleneck shirts or mock turtlenecks.


While at the Innisbrook Golf Resort, women should wear decent tops, shorts or culottes. They should avoid wearing tank tops, cutoffs, muscle shirts or commercial tee shirts. This resort is a non-metal spike establishment. Those wearing hats must do so with the peak facing forward. Food or beverage products that have not been supplied by the resort are not allowed on the grounds.


At the Innisbrook Golf Resort, sports are seamlessly combined with leisure and dining. The establishment provides everything from world-class golf courses to delicious dining as well as family leisure activities. If you enjoy playing golf and want a golf vacation, this report provides the best facilities for the sport and so much more!