What to do if Your Washington D.C. Hotel Floods

One of the challenges that hotel managers often have to deal with is floods. It’s not just here in Washington DC, managers throughout the US face this problem from time to time. Hotel floods may occur for a range of reasons. They can for example be from clogged guest lavatories or from laundry system blockages. They can also sometimes occur as a result of a major pipe burst or a clogged kitchen drainage system.
Having your hotel flooded can be quite daunting. This is especially true if the flooding has happened on a larger scale and is still ongoing.
As a hotel manager, you need to act swiftly to mitigate the flooding. Flooding if unattended to can wreak extreme damage on your hotel. Floods can cause problems such as mold occurrence, bacteria infections, furniture damage, drywall damage, and electronics damage among others.
As the manager of a hotel or restaurant, what then should you do if confronted by floods? Well, the first and foremost thing to do if flooding occurs is to try and stop the source of flooding. That is, if you can be able to. You can for example quickly close the tap in a case where the water log is caused by a tap accidentally left running. In addition to stopping the water source, you should also act quickly and relocate any item that can be damaged by the water.
The most important thing to do however, in case of hotel flooding is to call for expert help. This is because most flooding situations aren’t easy to control without profound plumbing knowledge. Situations such as a major pipe burst particular require urgent plumbing help as the high water pressure can be quite overwhelming.
If you’re a hotel manager in Washington DC affected by flooding, you can call a Washington DC plumber for immediate help – a  company that specializes in plumbing installations and repairs.
We have over the years helped many Washington DC home and business owners fix problems arising from flooding and related causes. You too can benefit from our help.
With our plumbing expertise, we will diagnose the cause the flooding and quickly clear out all the water. We will then afterwards work to dry your building and prevent any further damage to it. In summary, we do the following:
1. Diagnosis of flooding cause
2. Unclogging pipes, drainages, and sanitary systems.
3. Repair of leaking pipes.
4. Replacement and repair of bursted pipes.
5. High technology building drying.
6. Mold control.
7. Post flood air conditioning.
8. Disinfection of flooded buildings.
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